Published: 2021-02-07

Volume 51 is the 50th anniversary edition of the New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science, which was first published in May 1971.

Research Articles

Evaluating basic density calibrations based on NIR spectra recorded on the three wood faces and subject to different mathematical treatments

Evelize A. Amaral, Luana M. dos Santos, Paulo R.G. Hein, Emylle V.S. Costa, Sebastião Carlos S. Rosado, Paulo F. Trugilho (Author)
Abstract 860 | PDF Downloads 838

Species-specific basic stem-wood densities for twelve indigenous forest and shrubland species of known age, New Zealand

Michael Marden, Suzanne Lambie, Larry Burrows (Author)
Abstract 1229 | PDF Downloads 1436

Preussner functions for volume estimation of Pinus taeda L. in Southern Brazil

Flavio Roberto Stefanello, Sylvio Péllico Netto, Alexandre Behling, Allan Libanio Pelissari, Gabriel Agostini Orso (Author)
Abstract 482 | PDF Downloads 661

Wood density estimates of standing trees by micro-drilling and other non-destructive measures

Christine L. Todoroki, Eini C. Lowell, Cosmin N. Filipescu (Author)
Abstract 702 | PDF Downloads 667

Implications of ectomycorrhizal inoculation for drought stress tolerance of Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica (Endl.) Carrière) seedlings

Hamida Gaba Chahboub, Mohamed Sghir Lamhamedi, Ouzna Abrous-Belbachir (Author)
Abstract 501 | PDF Downloads 502

UAS and smartphone integration at wildfire management in Aotearoa New Zealand

Brendon Christensen, David Herries, Robin J.L. Hartley, Richard Parker (Author)
Abstract 734 | PDF Downloads 660

Impacts of genetic selection on Sequoia sempervirens mini-cutting rooting and initial growth in the field

Queli Cristina Lovatel, Gabriel Teixeira da Rosa, Alexandra Cristina Schatz Sá, Betel Cavalcante Lopes, Erasmo Luis Tonett, Romell Alves Ribeiro Dias, Mariane de Oliveira Pereira, Marcio Carlos Navroski (Author)
Abstract 425 | PDF Downloads 532

Performance of a whole tree mechanised timber harvesting system when clear-felling a 32-year-old Pinus taeda L. stand

Natali de Oliveira Pitz, Jean Alberto Sampietro, Erasmo Luis Tonett, Luis Henrique Ferrari, Philipe Ricardo Casemiro Soares, Marcelo Bonazza, Daiane Alves de Vargas, Marcos Felipe Nicolleti, Renato Cesar Gonçalves Robert (Author)
Abstract 418 | PDF Downloads 505

Ecophysiological response of Eucalyptus camaldulensis to dust and lead pollution

Muhammad Farrakh Nawaz, Muhammad Haroon U Rashid, Muhammad Zubair Arif, Muhammad Azeem Sabir, Taimoor Hassan Farooq, Sadaf Gul, Narayan Prasad Gautam (Author)
Abstract 522 | PDF Downloads 377

Trade-offs between environmental and economic factors in conversion from exotic pine production to natural regeneration on erosion prone land

Suzanne Lambie, Shaun Awatere, Adam Daigneault, Miko Kirschbaum, Michael Marden, Tarek Soliman, Raphael Spiekermann, Patrick Walsh (Author)
Abstract 879 | PDF Downloads 746

Effect of chemical modification and heat treatment on biological durability and dimensional stability of Pinus roxburghii Sarg.

Ajmal Samani, Sauradipta Ganguly, Sanjeet Kumar Hom (Author)
Abstract 358 | PDF Downloads 413


A review of kowhai (Sophora spp.) and its potential for commercial forestry

Lisa Nguyen, Karen Bayne, Clemens Altaner (Author)
Abstract 1050 | PDF Downloads 730